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Friday, June 19, 2020

Which Food is bad for our Immune System?


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          Which Food is bad for our Immune System?


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We are constantly exposed to all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other potentially disease-causing microorganisms on a daily basis,” However, as long as our immune system is functioning well, we are largely able to resist infection. Nutrition plays a critical role in determining immune health.”

Here we discussed on very worst foods and drinks which negatively affects our immune system. They are as follows:-

1)  Fast food --- 

        Processed Food  Poor Gut Heath Poor Immunity   

Fast foods are high in fat, high in sugar, and low in Fiber. .Regularly eating fast food (Fast food Addiction) can actually reprogram 

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   the way your immune system reacts to potential issues, putting it  in a prolonged state of “high alert”(more aggressive) in the long term.Even after a change to a healthy diet, the body's defenses remain hyperactive.

Alcoholic beveragesConsuming alcoholic beverages increase 

susceptibility to pneumonia, sepsis and    

 poor wound healing. It also triggers

 inflammation that can damage the lungs,

 which the corona virus attacks.   




Caffeine: Caffeine becomes a problem for our

immunity, because it hinders our sleep. This is

 because adequate sleep is crucial for proper

 immune function.

 Falsely ripened fruits & vegetables(Pesticide-laden)


  6)    Diet soda: Diet soda is  full of artificial sweeteners like  

 aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose. They are not beneficial for our

 immune system.According to some studies these ingredients can reduce levels of

beneficial bacteria in your gut and have an adverse  effect on glucose metabolism,

Sugary snacks :   Sugar also directly impacts on our immune system by competing for space with vitamin C. The more sugar we take the harder it is for immune cells to get the vitamin C they need to function, resulting in an up to 40% decrease in effectiveness 

lasting for hours after you consume the sugar.

6)  Refined Vegetable oils: Refined vegetable oils are highly processed and can   lead to inflammation and imbalances in bacterial communities, which can affect your immune system.

6)    Refined Food -White flour, White pasta, White bread.

These foods disrupt the integrity of your gut microbes  and the good bacteria it contains, leading to a weakened immune system

Are You Sure Your Brown Bread Is Healthier Than the White One?

Food items which Decrease Immunity see Video below:


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